Dean of Students Office

Life happens 在这里

欢迎 Roadrunners! We are glad you are 在这里…Here as in, w在这里 Life Happens! Whether you are new to the campus community or a returning student, The Dean of Students Office (DoS) is an office dedicated to assisting you with your college journey at 道尔顿状态. 希望,  the links on this page will help you navigate areas that fall under The Dean of Students Office, 以及, serve as resources for you during your time at 道尔顿状态.

The Office strongly encourages you to take an active role in 校园生活! Learning both inside and outside of the classroom are highly valued and urged, as this helps to foster your holistic development. In addition, we are 在这里 as your support system. Please feel free to use us as a tool to assist you in concerns, 挑战, and/or problems in which you may need to find resolutions. We can be easily located in the upper level of the Pope Student Center, directly across from the Campus 书店. In addition, our contact information is 在这里.

Overall, the Dean of Students Office seeks to support and advance the mission of 道尔顿状态 College. This is accomplished by promoting student engagement, 学习, and development through intentional programming, support services, 和资源. Your journey starts 在这里. (Reviewed and revised, 7/10/2019)


形式 and 资源

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